My Husky Rewards


Who can participate in the program?

myHusky Rewards is free to join and is open to individuals who are 16 years or older.

I get a card for a business, school or charity?

myHusky Rewards is only available to individuals only. It is not open to corporations, businesses, charities, partnerships, enterprises or schools.

Signing up (registering your card)

How do I join?

Start by picking up a myHusky Rewards membership card at any participating Husky or Mohawk station. Your card is activated and earning immediately after the first time it is swiped or scanned at the till.

Note: "activated" is not the same as "registered".
You need to register your card at (or by calling the myHusky Rewards Contact Centre).

How much does it cost?

Nothing! It is absolutely free to be a myHusky Rewards member.

I have activated my card. What is the difference between that and registering?

An activated card has been swiped or scanned at the till as part of a transaction; however it has not been registered so it is not connected to a name.
An activated card can earn points for the first five transactions (swipes). On the sixth swipe, that activated card can no longer earn points until you register. Points accumulated during the five visits are credited to your account once you register.
Also only registered cards can redeem points.

How do I register my card?

You can register your myHusky Rewards card at or by calling the Contact Centre toll free at 1-855-MYHUSKY (694-8759).

Do I have to register?

You have to register your card to be able to keep accumulating points after five transactions and, more importantly, only registered cards can redeem points towards great rewards like discounts off your fuel and convenience store purchases.

How many times can my card be swiped before I register it?

An activated card can be used for five transactions without being registered, but if the card is not registered before the next (sixth) transaction, the account is put on hold and you can’t continue to earn until you register the card.

Does each member in a household need a different card?

Yes. Each member of the household (16 years and older) has their own myHusky Rewards card.
Although points from different accounts are non-transferrable, several members in a household (up to 6) who live at the same address can accumulate points together through the use of additional household cards.

Can I have more than one card registered to me?

No, a member can only have one card registered to him/her at a time.

Once I have registered my card, can I start redeeming my points immediately or do I have to wait?

Yes you can. Once your card has been registered, you can start to redeem your points when you have accumulated enough points for your desired redemption option.

What happens if I don’t register my card?

You have to register your card to be able to keep accumulating points after five transactions and, more importantly, only registered cards can redeem points towards great rewards like discounts off your fuel and convenience store purchases.

Household accounts

What is an additional household card?

An additional household card is linked to a primary account, held by a member of your household.
Having additional household cards joined to the same accounts helps you all accumulate points faster. Each additional household card is held by an individual sharing the same address as the card held by the primary account holder. Each time the supplemental cards are swiped, points are accumulated inside the same account.
Additional household card holders have their own profile and while they are "attached" to the primary account, the primary accountholder determines whether they can also redeem points.

How do I get an additional household card?

You can pick up an additional household card at any participating Husky location and register it online.
Please note that the primary card must already be registered.

What does an additional household card look like?

myHusky Rewards additional household cards look exactly the same as a primary card. The only thing that makes them different is that you and your household members have decided to join the cards together in one account so that you can accumulate points faster.

Earning Points

How can I earn points?

Swipe your myHusky Rewards card with fuel and convenience store* purchases.
Note: some locations are unable to process rewards points for convenience store purchases.
*some exclusions apply

Can I earn points on everything I buy?

You cannot earn points on purchases of tobacco, alcohol, Husky gift certificates/gift cards, on the payment of House accounts and on taxes.

How many points can I earn?

You can earn:

  • 1 point per litre of regular fuel, diesel and auto propane
  • 2 points per litre of premium fuel
  • 2 points per dollar you spend on convenience store items (such as chips, pop and coffee!), car washes and meals in our restaurants.
  • On occasion, Husky and its vendors may offer bonus points on certain items. These bonus offers will be communicated in our stores at the time of offer.
  • Husky is also offering 300 bonus points to people who register their card within seven business days of the first activation of the card.

Will I see my points immediately or is there a delay?

With the exception of some bonus offers, you will see the points you earn or redeem right away on your receipt.
Your receipt will also include your total point balance.

What category does propane fuel fall under?

Propane for cars earn 1 point per litre, the same as regular fuel and diesel. Propane cylinders (eg, for BBQs) will earn 2 points per dollar.

How do I find out how many points I have?

  1. Check your fuel and/or convenience store receipt.
  2. Log in to your profile at
  3. Call our Contact Centre at 1-855-MYHUSKY (694-8759).

Do points expire?

No, points do not expire however, inactive accounts – that is, accounts with no points accumulation or redemption for 18 months or longer will be suspended. If there is a further 60 days of inactivity, the account will close and you’ll lose your points.

What if I forgot my card? Can I still earn points?

Yes. If you forgot your card, your points can be added to your account online within 90 days of the original purchase. Just have your receipt on hand, log in to your account at the top of this page and click the Missing Points link. Submit the information on your receipt and any qualifying base points will be added to your account. Bonus points can only be captured if the promotion is still valid at the time of your online submission.

Redeeming Points

How do I redeem points?

You can redeem your points at the pump, in store (at most locations), online at and through the Contact Centre by calling toll free to 1-855-MYHUSKY (694-8759).

How will I know when to redeem?

You will be prompted at the pump or in store (at most locations) to redeem your points. Or you can always save your points and redeem them anytime at

Can I use my points in the restaurants?

Yes. If you have enough accumulated points, your server will ask you if you want to use them for savings at increments of $5, up to $50 maximum.

Is there an extra cost for shipping if I order from the online catalogue?

No. Shipping is included in the total points cost allocated to an item.

Is there a maximum number of redemptions I can make?

There is no maximum.

Can I give my points to someone else to redeem?

Points are not transferable from one primary account to another primary account; however, one primary account can have up to six cards (primary + five additional household cards inside the same household).

Can customers redeem Husky points for CAA Dollars or CAA Memberships?

Not at this time.

Who can redeem points on the household account?

The primary account cardholder decides who can redeem. Either all cards can redeem points or only the primary account card can redeem points.

Can I exchange my points for cash?

No. Points have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash; however, you can use points for purchasing gift cards through the online catalogue on

Fleet and Commercial Customers

Is the program different for Husky Fleet cardholders?

No, Fleet cardholders earn the same as retail members and are prompted in the same way as retail members, in store and at the pump. The only difference is that you cannot redeem points when you pay with a HuskyPRO card.

Will Fleet account holders be able to make their employees use a company reward card instead of their own?

No. Just like many rewards programs, myHusky Rewards accounts are connected to individuals, not companies. Cards are not connected to the business; they are only connected to an individual.

If a Fleet customer has an in-station card, can they also keep a loyalty card with it and swipe at the same time?

A Fleet card is a company’s card, not an individual’s card. The Fleet account cardholder must have their own myHusky Rewards card to present to earn points at the time of their purchases.

Can long-haul drivers using Cardlocks register?

Any professional driver using a Husky Cardlock facility is eligible to register and earn points in the program.

How much will a long-haul driver earn?

myHusky Rewards members using our Cardlocks can earn 5 points for every 20 litres of fuel and 2 points for every dollar they spend in Husky convenience stores or Husky House restaurants.

These members can also earn the regular consumer rate for fuel purchases at retail pumps.

How the shower program works?

With myHusky Rewards, drivers can redeem 50 points for showers at most of our Travel Centres.

CAA Member Questions

How will the new myHusky Rewards program affect my customers’ CAA membership?

With the start of Husky’s very own myHusky Rewards program, customers now have another choice. With this introduction of a new program, CAA Members can continue to swipe their CAA cards and earn CAA Dollars®.

Can CAA Members still earn CAA Dollars® in addition to myHusky Rewards points?

As a CAA Member, you can swipe either their CAA card or their myHusky Rewards loyalty card on one transaction. The choice is yours; but you cannot earn twice on the same transaction.

Card Replacement & Lost Cards

My card is damaged. How do I get a replacement card?

Pick up a replacement myHusky Rewards card at any participating Husky location and complete the replacement process online or call our Contact Centre at 1-855-MYHUSKY (694-8759).

What happens to my account balance when I do a card replacement?

The balance will be transferred over to your new card.

I lost my card, what should I do?

Be sure to protect yourself first and suspend your account so that no one can redeem your points.
To do this, call the myHusky Rewards Contact Centre toll free at 1-855-MYHUSKY (694-8759). If you have a new card at that time, you can ask them to transfer your points to your new card. If you don’t have a new card you can either ask the Contact Centre to mail a new card to you or you can pick up a new card at station the next time you’re filling up (and then call the Contact Centre back to transfer your points to your new card).

My card was not registered and I lost it. How do I get the balance transferred?

Your card needs to be registered in order to be able to transfer accumulated points to a new card.
Unfortunately, a lost card that is not connected to a person cannot have a balance transferred.

Account Password

When I tried to register my card I was asked for a password, where do I find it?

You are asked to create a password when you are registering – this is a password for your card and account management on — you do not need a password to use your card in our stores or at the pump.

I cannot remember the password I created for my account, how can I find out what it is?

Visit and click on the ’Forgot Password’ link. Follow the instructions and we will email you a new password.

General Questions

When I registered my Card, I opted to receive promotional materials and special offers by email, but I am no longer interested. What do I do?

You have two options:

  1. Log in to On the ’My Profile’ page, you can deselect the box referencing receiving email communications.
  2. You can call the myHusky Rewards Contact Centre toll free at 1-855-MYHUSKY (694-8759) to change your email preferences.

How do I find out the balance on my card?

  1. Check your fuel and/or convenience store receipt.
  2. Log in to your profile at
  3. Call our Contact Centre at 1-855-MYHUSKY (694-8759).

The myHusky Rewards card is not a credit card – why do I have to provide details to register my card?

To register your myHusky Rewards Card, you are required to provide your name, address and telephone number so that Husky can connect you to your transactions in order to earn and redeem your accumulated points.

I’m moving, do I have to update my address?

It’s a good idea to keep your contact information current so you can take advantage of special promotional offers and program information that are sometimes communicated by mail.

Every time I use my myHusky Rewards Card, my points are not accumulating – why?

If your myHusky Rewards points are not accumulating, it may be that your card is not registered (after five transactions on an unregistered card, points stop accumulating).
For more information, please call the myHusky Rewards Contact Centre toll free at 1-855-MYHUSKY (694-8759).

During the registration process I was required to provide personal information. What happens to this information?

Please take a moment to read our privacy statement, which explains our commitment to your protecting your person information.

I don’t pay inside the gas station – can I use the card at the pump?

Of course! All you need to do is insert your myHusky Rewards card when prompted by the pump’s display screen.

What happens to my MyHusky Rewards points if the host system goes down?

If host communication is lost, the attendant is not able to complete redemptions or check balances.
All points issued while the system is down are stored locally on the Point of Sale terminal to be sent later once the system is restored. Your points will be awarded to your account at a later date.

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